About Tootie's Peanuts

"You owe it to yourself to give them a try!"  

 –Tootie Martin


The name Tootie is actually my birth given name and was passed down to me from my father by way of my great-grandmother who gave him the name Tootie as a nickname. You can only imagine that having a name like Tootie—let’s just say makes for a great conversational piece. Although, I don’t know the origin of the name Tootie I do know that once people hear the name Tootie and meet me they never forget. I have always found this to be unique and embrace the name Tootie to the fullest.

I am a southern transplant from Panama City, Florida and grew up eating peanuts. When I was seven I lived with my great aunt Annie Will in Enterprise, Alabama.  She lived directly across the street from a large peanut farm. This is where I learned to harvest peanuts. I recall my aunt and I literally dragging peanuts from the soil into the house. We would roast them in the oven  in-shell and out-shell blanched or not blanched. All helped us to know what makes a great peanut.